Pleasant Fields

Rest in peace dear soul

Some day I’ll come to thee

Till then I’ll miss you …


You tread across the dark vale

You went before me all alone

Now I must wait God’s time


Through tears and sobs

I grasp the air

I lay me down upon the ground


So tenderly I must let thee go

Rest in peace dear soul

The Lord hath take’n thee

            He shall keep thee.


Interment on the internet is no faux. What is the world around us but a concept in God's mind. What then is the digital matrix, except an impression upon the energy fields that pulsate through out our universe!

Pleasant Fields provides ePlots where a eulogy to those whom we loved and cherished, can be remembered in perpetual memorial.

This eMonument provides space for a photo or two and pertinent information along with a few words in tribute. An optional eUrn holds the essence of your loved one through a digitized DNA sample. A guest book is provided so that all who visit can leave their comments.


In days of old a pine box upon horse drawn cart made its way to a pleasant hillside final rest. Tomorrow's hallowed ground may be a space garden above terra's horizon. Today the e world of the internet fields bid friends far and near with welcoming convenience.


Pleasant Fields currently holds four e-burial grounds:

• Broken Arrow Meadows • Paradise Gardens eMemorial

                                  • Our Saviour's Keep • Pet eMemorial Park